Body found on sydney bridge

Body found on sydney bridge

16 September 2015 (Prisons closed in the US) The prisons closed in the US.

16 September 2015 (Treating the children’s children) US policy is to treat children with special care and education. One example is at the Children’s Hospital in New York.

16 September 2015 (Tolerance for torture바카라사이트rs) The UK authorities have now started to impose tough laws ajarvees.comgainst torturers. Those who are forced to leave a jail will face tough punishment.

16 September 2015 (Criminalizing rape) A court in Argentina has criminalized rape.

16 September 2015 (Abortion for money) In India a woman can get an abortion for money if she wants it. Some women also get “medical” assistance, but it could mean some of them end up dead. I hope the authorities try to avoid medical aid fo바카라사이트r women.

16 September 2015 (Israel forces shoot at protesters) Israeli forces have shot and killed several Palestinians when protesting against the construction of an artificial island in the West Bank.

16 September 2015 (Vietnam’s death penalty law) Thailand’s death penalty law is very similar to the UK’s (but applies only to the first “accident”). If a country bans a life-saving procedure it does nothing about those who are prepared to pay.

16 September 2015 (Torture report) Pakistan’s police and military are not properly investigating the torture of prisoners, who often die in police custody. In effect, Pakistan is sending the government’s officers to jail in return for not investigating the murder of prisoners.

16 September 2015 (Urgent: End torture for money) US citizens: phone your senators and urge them to oppose a bill to end torture as part of Congress’ debt limit negotiations, such as ending Bush-Cheney’s warrantless surveillance of US citizens.

[Reference updated on 2018-03-13 because the old link was broken.]

16 September 2015 (Freed inmates) US soldiers freed four men who worked as torturers in Iraq and released them in exchange for money. This may encourage other prisoners to take up the charge of torture. One will later confess.

16 September 2015 (Mourning torture victims) New York City mourned the death of torture victims, by paying to have their bodies exhumed. I will try to help. I cannot force others to do what I am not doing.

16 September 2015 (Prosecutions without charges for water) US judges will sometimes go to great length

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